The Roadmap

Stage One – Current

Stage one is about the concept, getting the look and feel right along with getting the initial planning sorted and concentrate on testing existing technologies to see what works best while running some market research campaigns.

Stage one will also be used to build a team of professionals who share the same vision as LBRY Hub – To give the power back to the people and resist corporate greed and censorship.

Stage Two Parts in Progress

In stage two, the project starts coming together, acting primarily as a hub to external LBRY applications.

A fully functional membership area will allow users to sign up and use their account to sell digital assets using the LBRY application as a download and transaction portal with LBRY Hub being the marketplace.

LBRY Hub at this stage will have a functioning video platform for LBRY platform users to showcase their content.

Stage Three Pending

Interfacing with the LBRY blockchain API, LBRY Hub will start acting independently of LBRY applications utilising the open-source blockchain framework to offer a native payment system and P2P digital distribution network.

The LBRY Hub web-based application will offer a blockchain based YouTube style video platform and Amazon style market place which is 100% resistant to demonetisation and censorship within the bounds of the law.